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Hot Air Balloons

Canberra Balloon Spectacular


Expected Dates: 11-19 March, to be confirmed by ACT Events.

Ages: 6+ 

Duration: 45-60 min

The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is an annual event where balloonists from across Australia (and in pre-COVID times across the world) gather to fly over our beautiful city. Each morning, weather depending, balloons launch from the Parliamentary triangle – a truly spectacular site.

Passenger flights are approximately 45 minutes and conclude with a champagne celebration. Please allow 3-4 hours for the total tour time.

Fitness to Fly

Ballooning can involve some active participation and as such, a moderate level of fitness and wellbeing is required.

All members of your party will need to be fit & well with:

  • No significant knee problems,

  • No significant hip problems,

  • No significant back or neck problems,

  • No recent surgeries or broken bones,

  • No other existing conditions that would preclude from following the Pilot’s instructions; Assuming the landing position with knees bent when instructed to do so, Absorbing a small bump when the balloon is landing or would prevent them from holding on to the safety handles when the balloon is landing,

  • An ability to stand for one hour un-assisted,

  • Do not weight more than 140kg individually and Children do not weigh more than 50kg individually,

  • Are not Pregnant

What to Expect

Hot air balloon rides are an exciting and exhilarating experience, but if you have never ridden in a balloon before, what can you expect?


Your pilots and crew will be on hand to welcome you when you arrive at the meeting point. See how the pilots check the morning’s winds conditions and listen while they give you a short flight briefing.

Launch Site

Your adventure begins with a short trip to your launch site. This is determined by your pilots and depends on the wind direction on the morning.


It takes around 20-25 minutes for the balloon to be inflated and standing upright ready for boarding. You are welcome to help with the setup of the balloon or simply stand back and take photos as your aircraft takes shape and comes to life. 

The actual launch of the hot-air balloon usually takes no more than half an hour after arrival at the launch site. The balloon and basket are carried in a trailer. The basket is laid on its side and the balloon envelope is pulled out of its bag. Flying wires from the ‘envelope’ are attached to the basket and the whole system is given a ‘walk around’ inspection by the pilot. Once the balloon is inflated and the passengers get in, the balloon lifts off the ground effortlessly and the wonderful experience begins.


As the new day dawns, you will ascend into the sky in your colourful balloon. Your balloon will float gently along with the breeze, whilst in your basket you will feel completely secure with very little sensation of movement. During your flight you may find yourself drifting just above the treetops then moments later effortlessly ascending to heights of 3000 feet or more. 
Your flight time is approximately 45-60 minutes, however, please allow 3-4 hours for the total tour time. All flights are weather dependant.  

Champagne Celebration

The excitement of the morning continues over a champagne celebration back at your landing site. Relax and enjoy a glass of champagne with your fellow passengers and your pilot as you celebrate one of the most exhilarating mornings of your life.

What to Wear

Hot air ballooning is an audience participation activity and you will be encouraged to assist with the set up and pack away of the balloon. It is an active morning in the outdoors, so wear clothes that could get stained or dirty and sturdy, enclosed footwear. DO NOT WEAR high-heeled shoes, thongs/flip flops or open-toe shoes. 
Generally, it will not be any colder in the air during the flight than on the ground, so wear layered clothing that can be removed as the day warms up.

The Weather

One of the great joys of ballooning is its tranquillity as you float with the breeze, feeling absolutely no sensation of movement. You have become one with the wind, you are moving with it and therefore you have become a part of a complex weather system that is ever changing.
Balloon flights are weather dependent and for safety reasons, we will not fly when it is wet, foggy or too windy.

Hot Air Balloons


Canberra Balloon Spectacular

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